Headless monitor access via RDP -any progress

I saw a post complaining that RDP will only work if a monitor is attached to the Jetson Orin Nano and a session is open. (Why not headless support for the Jetson Orin Nano remote access?)
The answer given was that it is not possible to use the headless option but it was being planned. Two other posts say to buy a dummy HDMI dongle so that the Jetson thinks a monitor is attached. Seems weird that the Jetson cannot just be set to work without a monitor attached and needs this physical device.

When will headless support be available as I have to keep an extra monitor on the floor of my office attached the Nano just so I can use RDP on my main rig.

You would need to connect to a monitor if you would like to enable remote desktop. Please refer to the steps:

Jetson AGX Orin FAQ
Q: How to configure VNC w/o monitor connected for Jetson?

And it seems no way to enable screen sharing without Ubuntu desktop:
VNC without monitor - #5 by DaneLLL

Do you know if there is way to enable screen sharing in command line? If this can be set up through command line, we may be able to configure it through uart without a real monitor.

Thanks @DaneLLL . So it looks like it is impossible without a connected monitor. I tried VNC but you get a non-gnome desktop with no app menu etc. When I try and run apps that use video nothing appears, but if I look at my original monitor on the floor, it shows the video running on that desktop.

I have ordered a dummy DisplayPort plug and will try that when it arrives.

That’s strike one for Jetson, on something a Raspberry Pi does out of the box.

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