Jetson AGX Xavier performance. TFLOPS or TMACS?


I want to test whether the deep learning model can use all the gpu's performance. 

From It said that Jetson AGX Xavier have a 11 TFLOPS FP16 gpu. But CNN convolution operation is often evaluated as TMACS.  

So for Jetson AGX Xavier. Its full power should be 5.5 TMACS or 11 TMACS?

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The Jetson AGX Xavier performance is in TFLOPS for FP16 and TOPS for INT8. For more info about Xavier GPU and DLA in FP16/INT8, please refer to this post:

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Yes I know performance is in TFLOPS for FP16.

I know TMACS = 5.5T plus + 5.5T mult = 11TFLOPS

And gpu can implement multiply–add instrument. So 5.5TMACS can equal 5.5M multiply–add.

So my question is that:

11 TFLOPS means 5.5M TMACS or 11 TMACS. I assume 5.5M TMACS is answer but I didn’t find official reference about that.

Thanks for any clarification or some references about it.

Hi, believe it is 5.5 since one MAC = two FLOP as you pointed out.