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4/8/2024 - New Container Images and Tool Usage

This past week these containers and images have been added, thanks everyone!

  • ollama
    • dustynv/ollama:r35.4.1
  • piper-tts
    • dustynv/piper-tts:r35.4.1
  • homeassistant-core
    • dustynv/homeassistant-core:r35.4.1
    • dustynv/homeassistant-core:r36.2.0

There is now an install script and jetson-containers launcher with improved syntactic sugar:

# install python requirements and link autotag and launcher under /usr/local/bin
git clone
bash jetson-containers/

# run or build containers from any directory
jetson-containers run $(autotag ollama)
jetson-containers build --name=my_container l4t-text-generation

Also, documentation has been added for changing the CUDA version, along with other package versions and the role of the pip cache in accelerating builds.