Jetson Cloning & Backup and restore not working correctly

I have cloned the APP partition on one Jetson and then used sudo ./ -r -k APP <board> mmcblk0p1 to flash it to the second Jetson. The idea is that I would get the same OS and user files as the one I copied from. However, the second Jetson retains its OS and files and it seems the reflash had no affect.

I had then also used the backup and restore tool in tools/ of L4T tools and it also had no affect on the second Jetson when the ./toos/backup_and_restore/ -r <board>. I had previously done a backup wit -b.

Am I doing something wrong? my board is jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc. My lsusb that represents my type of board is 7e19 which falls onto either jetson-xavier-nx-devkit-emmc or jetson-xavier-nx-devkit

I’m using L4T Jetson Linux 35.1


Are you sure restoring was performed successfully?
What did you get from flashing log and serial console log under these two circumstances?

I realised now it has to do with the fact that I was backing up the wrong partition. It was backing up/clonning the onboard emmc while I want the nvme

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That’s fine.
Then for NVMe drives, you need to use the second method which utilizes initrd flash, and does not support NVMe drives. Also remember to replace every mmcblk0 with nvme0n1 in both and

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Thanks for that, when I run -n I get an error cat: /etc/board_spec.txt:No such file or directory

I’ve copied the tools to a network drive that is mounted on the Jetson and then ran it. Am I required to do anything prior?

I have no idea what you are doing here.
I mean will internally call and nvrestore_partitions, and you have to patch these two scripts to have them work with NVMe drives, but you are not going to run them directly.

You should directly run on your host PC, but not anything else.

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Thank you again. I’ve now correctly modified both scripts I also made a modification in (nvme0n1 instead of mmcblk0) I’ve now put the Xavier in recovery mode and ran once more and it seems to be performing the backup.

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