Clone/Restore issue on Xavier NX

Hey guys

We are trying to clone and restore and having issues with that.
Basically I have 2 SD cards. First 128GB SD card is fully working Xavier NX system with JP 4.4 and some additional software and configs for external hardware, etc. Second 64GB SD card is a fully working Xavier NX system with vanilla JP 4.4, i.e. original state of the first SD card. So the idea to clone the first and restore on many second ones.

We followed the documentation, i.e. used jumper for pin 9 and 10 to enter recovery mode, downloaded on the host machine JP 4.4 (the same version that is installed on Xavier NX), connected via USB.

It looks like clone was successful but with Error: Return value 14.
Restore failed the first time with Error: Return value 3.
But the second time it was successful.
Unfortunately the boot has failed.

I am attaching a file that has all logs and errors.
They are organized as following:


command and logs (success, but some error value was returned)

copy to bootloader directory

command and logs (success)

restore first attempt

command and logs (failure)

restore second attempt

command and logs (success but loading error from SD card, sent image today a earlier about mount issues)

This what I see when I boot from the restored (second) SD card neil_nx_clone_copy_restore.log (178.8 KB)

We would really appreciate if someone could help us!


Are all of the NX involved the dev kit hardware? If so, then you can much more easily duplicate SD card content without using any special flash tool. On the other hand, if you using anything with eMMC, then there is a lot more involved.

hello neilqy60u,

may I know are you working with NX devkits, or you’re have your own board design?

please refer to and To clone a Jetson device and flash, flash script provide the options to save the platform’s APP partition image to the specified file on the host.

BTW, please check flash configuration file,
for example, if you’re working with SD card version.
please also refer to $OUT/Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/t186ref/cfg/flash_l4t_t194_spi_sd_p3668.xml
you might find there’re several partitions flash to the board besides APP partitions.