My jetson xavier nx stopped working suddently after reboot

Hi, I own a Jetson Xavier NX dev kit in which I am using JP4.5.1 since last 6 months. Suddenly today I noticed that there was a lag while I was running my DS code and I removed the barrel jack and replugged it. After this the device didn’t boot and it is showing errors on boot.

I also have important source codes in this system, how can I retrieve my DS codes from it?

I am sharing some of the snaps of boot

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

  1. If you don’t want to check what is happened on the board, you can follow this to clone out the system image. This will include your code.

→ To clone a Jetson device and flash

  1. If you want us to help investigate the board, please dump the log from serial console.

Hi, yes. It is still a problem.
I opened the cloning link which you have shared with me, can you share which hyperlink should I go to follow the cloning process?

Can I copy my DS code and other backups by plugging the NX sd card into my laptop?

Or you can use a new sdcard, plug it into the board and flash with sdkmanager.

Then, replace this card with the old card and see if it can boot.

OK, I am trying that.

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