Jetson emulator object detection output is all gray

Hi, I am a newbie working with jetson nano. I found a simple code about streaming and object detection using the jetson emulator. I attached the code below and its output. The problem is the output which is all gray, but the classification task seems working.
how can I fix this?
Thanks in advance.

import jetson_emulator.inference as inference
import jetson_emulator.utils as utils

network = "ssd-mobilenet-v2"
net = inference.detectNet(network, threshold=0.5)
input_URI = "rtsp://jetson_emulator:554/detectNet/road_cam/4k" 
input  = utils.videoSource(input_URI, argv="")
output = utils.videoOutput("display://1", argv="")
img = input.Capture()
detections = net.Detect(img, "box")
output.SetStatus("{:s} | Network {:.0f} FPS".format(network, net.GetNetworkFPS()))
print("detected {:d} objects in image\n".format(len(detections)) )
for detection in detections:
	print("class_desc:", net.GetClassDesc(detection.ClassID))  

Hi @user162134, if you have a Jetson Nano, try using the actual jetson-inference project instead:

The jetson_emulator is a third-party project for PC and non-GPU platforms that has a similar interface to jetson-inference. I would ask any questions about that on the jetson_emulator GitHub:

Hi @dusty_nv
Thank you for your reply,
I don’t have the real board now,
I have to prepare a code and if the test were ok, try it on the real board.
Do you mean I can’t do this test with the emulator and I have to buy the board?

I see - the emulator is meant for if you don’t have a real board. However the emulator is a third-party project that I don’t personally maintain or know, so you will want to file a question on their GitHub for jetson-emulator if you have issues with it.

If you have a real board, the actual jetson-inference project is for the real boards. It will work on the Nano because I test it on the real hardware.

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