Jetson encoder is producing high bitrate IDR (at least double pframe)

Jetson encoder is producing very high bitrate IDR (at least double pframe, and even 10 times as high)
This happens when we limit the bitrate to 1.25Mbps or less.
We are using CBR settings.
We tried limiting the VBV value, and the QP.

How can we get actual CBR, while the IDR frames are consistent and relates to the requested size?
The frame resolution is 1920*1080.

1.25Mbps is strict for 1920x1080p30 so it may not be able to achieve the target bitrate. The working solution is to run in CBR + setting virtual buffer size as you are doing now. The other property is to set

  EnableTwopassCBR    : Enable two pass CBR while encoding
                        flags: readable, writable, changeable only in NULL or RE
ADY state
                        Boolean. Default: false

Thank you for your response,
How can I change the resolution at runtime?
(To adjust to the bitrate that changes at runtime)

Changing resolution in runtime is not supported. Once resolution is changed, the encoder has to be destroyed and re-initialized.

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