keeps quickly disappearing on Jetson TX2 (L4T 4.4.1 installed)


I am trying to manage the pin map of TX2 to enable a PWM pin by referring to the below link.

However, when I run “sudo /opt/nvidia/jetson-io/,” the outcome quickly disappears and so cannot proceed further (The solution shown in the Note does not help to solve the issue).

I am using a Jetson TX2 with an Orbitty carrier board.

Is there anyone who configure this problem?

Never mind. It turns out the TX2 does not support any physical PWM channel.

[Summary of Jetson Series Physical PWM Support]
Jetson Nano: 2 PWM channels (#32, #33)
Jetson AGX Xavier: 3 PWM channels (#13, #15, #18)
Jetson Xavier NX: 2 PWM channels (#32, #33)
Jetson TX1 and TX2: Do not support any PWM channels