Jetson Linux 36.2 Flashing Problem and HDMI support


I want to install Linux 36.2 on the Jetson Orin Nano Custom Carrier Device the installation is successful, but the device does not turn on.

[ 3.446525] Root device found: PARTUUID=1dfbf9b6-eee1-4ffb-a13b-f36eb53104ab
[ 14.363678] ERROR: PARTUUID=1dfbf9b6-eee1-4ffb-a13b-f36eb53104ab mount fail…

The bord I use for flashing is a custom-made carrier pcb.
This bord was working smoothly on 35.4.
My device has an HDMI output instead of a DP output, which is different from Devkit.


I was using the dtb file below when flashing in version 35.4, but the file below is not available for 36.2.

In the new version, the following dtb file is used in jetson-orin-nano-devkit.conf.

Will I have any problems with HDMI because I use this file, or will it work if I copy the old dtb file to the relevant address?

We have many HDMI carrier cards in production and I want to run DS 6.4 on them without any problems.

I know Linux 36.2 is in testing phase now. The question I ask are for March 2024.

Jetson Orin Nano Devkit gives similar problems. Flashing is successful, but the system does not boot.


flash_9- (51.2 KB)

Device_Log.txt (131.3 KB)

We don’t support this setup. Please check the explanation in
Boot up error when enabling HDMI by using p3509-a02+p3767-0000.conf , the Jetpack is 5.1.2 - #2 by DaneLLL

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