Jetson locked while booting

Hi, my jetson AGX Orin is locked on the boot menu with nvidia logo.
Everytime I restart the jetson, it locks at the same step.
Is it possible to recuperate the internal data or I must reflash the jetson ?

You’ll want to attach a serial console boot log for debugging.

FYI, if you end up flashing again, you can clone first to save a copy of the rootfs. However, that serial console log might save you some time and effort.

I don’t have serial adapter to usb to get serial console log.
If I clone first, I will recuperate files?

Cloning gives a binary copy of the rootfs partition. Actually, two copies, whereby one is a bit-for-bit exact “raw” clone, and the other is a “sparse” clone (not really compression, but it is similar and does not clone empty filesystem space). The sparse clone is used only for flash, and I throw that away. The raw clone can be loopback mounted on the host PC (Or another Jetson) and then mounted just like a partition. For example, you could create empty directory (mount point) “~/backup”, and the loopback mount it there. If your raw clone is file “clone.img.raw”:

mkdir ~myname/backup
sudo mount -o loop /where/ever/it/is/clone.img.raw ~myname/backup
ls ~myname/backup/*
# Possibly edit or copy from ~myname/backup/

It is in fact possible to flash with that image regardless of whether or not it is raw or sparse (but sparse flashes faster; the size of sparse approaches the size of raw as the filesystem fills up). The raw image could even be loopback mounted over the “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” and used directly, but I won’t advise that since (A) something is broken, and (B) this will overwrite some of the “rootfs/boot/” content prior to flash (your duplicate partition would now no longer be an exact duplicate). One could also place a copy of the clone in “Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/” as file “system.img”, and then use the correct command line to flash with that exact image (just to reemphasize, since something is broken, this is not what you want, but it illustrates how it works).

Cloning takes a lot disk space, in excess of the size of the entire partition (it produces both raw and sparse images). However, it is risk-free in the sense that it will never alter the actual Jetson.

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