Jetson Nano 2GB Not detecting second camera

I am using a 2GB Jetson Nano with the reComputer J101 carrier board with 2 CSI connectors that can be found here: reComputer J101 V2 Carrier Board for Jetson Nano with compact function design and same size of NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™ 2GB carrier board with SD card slot - Seeed Studio

I am also using the stereo camera hat from waveshare that utilizes two IMX219 cameras that can be found here: IMX219-83 Stereo Camera - Waveshare Wiki

I can get output from the camera attached to video0 CSI connector, but I get no output from the second camera.

I have tried going into jetson-io to enable dual camera configuration, but that option appears to be missing from there.

Does anyone know what I can do to use dual cameras with this carrier board, or is the issue that I am using the 2GB version of Jetson Nano and the dual camera config is reserved for the 4GB version?

hello zubin.assadian,

Jetson-IO utility it only works for developer kits.
please check your kernel messages, is there kernel initial stage recognize/register these two camera device to the system?
you may using $ dmesg > klogs.txt to catch the logs for digging into this.

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