Jetson Nano and PyOpenCL question


i have just installed PyOpenCL on the Jetson Nano.

Quite simple : sudo apt-get install python3-pyopencl

I made a very first test (basic arithmetic operation on 2 huge numpy arrays).

The result :
Jetson Nano + pyopencl : 0.20 seconds
Jetson Nano + pure Numpy : 0.75 seconds

Acceleration factor is about 3.7x

It’s interesting because i previously made tests with pycuda and in that case, pure numpy basic operations are faster than pycuda routines (most of time).

Everything is ok but there is something strange :

When i want to know the platforms i can use with Jetson Nano and pyopencl (pyopencl.get_platforms()), i just get one platform :
[<pyopencl.Platform ‘Portable Computing Language’ at 0x7f6e917008>]

Therefore, i can only get this device :
[<pyopencl.Device ‘pthread-cortex-a57’ on ‘Portable Computing Language’ at 0x19ae7600>]

I made tests with my laptop (i7-8850H CPU and GTX1060 GPU) and i was able to get 2 platforms (GPU and CPU) and 3 devices (GTX1060, INTEL UHD630 and CPU).

When i used my test program with Jetson Nano, i thought i will get 2 platforms (Maxwell GPU and arm cortex a57 CPU).

So, my question is : is it normal to only get Arm cortex a57 device with pyopencl.

Many thanks for your highlights.


Hi Alain, OpenCL isn’t supported on Tegra GPU, hence you only see the CPU listed.

Hello dusty,

Many thanks for the answer.

So everything is normal. I will use opencl to boost the basic filters i use with my software and keep pycuda for complex filters.

Have a nice day.


Hello easybob,
did you install only PyOpenCL on Jetson Nano or you had to install also some distribution of OpenCL (for example poCL) ? If yes please tell me which one it was. Thanks in advance.


i just installed pyopencl, nothing else.


ok thanks, it works