Jetson nano camera sync

I have recently purchased 2 IMX 219 cameras to be used for the jetson nano im planing to use them for stereo vision, are the camera ports synched in the jetson nano?

hello jcass358,

may I know the details of the camera module?
there’s no sync pin with default Raspberry pi v2, imx219.
however, you may check Argus sample, Argus/samples/syncSensor for software approach sync.

these are the cameras i purchased, also i recently bought the jetson orin nano, im trying to perform real time stereo depth mapping to get the distance to a thrown object so a drone can catch it. as far as i can tell the jetson nano wouldnt be up to the task but the orin nano might be. if you could shed some light on any of this would be helpful.

thank you very much

hello jcass358,

that product page did not mentioned the hardware sync pin.
so, you should try with the software approach sync for evaluation.

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