Jetson nano cboot sources - When will they be released??


As the title states i’m looking for an update on the status of the cboot source code for the nano.

We were told that it would be released with the next BSP however that was 2 releases back now.

any updates?


Hi Chris, unfortunately we aren’t going to be able to release C-boot sources for TX1/Nano due to security concerns, sorry about that. We recommend using U-Boot for your projects going forward.

Hi dusty, Thanks for the reply.

Are you able to be more specific about the security concerns.

Is it the security of Nvidias I.P that is the concern or customer security.

That seems a bit strange. Does it have anything to do with the recently released shield tv’s

I’m not able to be more specific about the details - it’s unrelated to the SHIELD release though as those have used TX1 for many years now.

I am sorry, but holding sources back on Linux is a bit strange. the entire beauty of the SBC community is that people can work on things themselves and learn, teams of people from all over the world can come together to work on projects. keeping things like boot and kernel a secret severely limits the work of home developers. that’s not fair to put onto your customers, especially after they have been waiting and paid for the device, then find out they wont be able to do what they wanted to do.

s_laminger, the U-Boot sources are provided which are normally used (as are the kernel sources)

Normally used on sbc’s that just use u-boot yes.

But the Jetson nano requires cboot as well. Are we able to disable cboot and just use the u-boot? I don’t think so.

Or on the other hand can we use the nanos cboot to boot an Android kernel for example from the LNX partition without modification? And completely exclude u-boot?

Cboot in its current state on the nano has boot arguments baked in that are unmodifiable and effect the rest of the boot process

The cboot sources were planned for release and then they all of a sudden weren’t without notification.

I’d really like to know why.

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As mentioned above, we found a security issue arose by releasing the c-boot sources for TX1/Nano, sorry given the nature of the issue we can’t be more specific. It is intended to use U-Boot if you need to modify the bootloader.