Jetson Nano Graphics Display Grayscale Resolution


I have a question about the grayscale display capability on Jetson Nano, we have a test image with 256 grayscale squares with grayscale value from 0~255.
We use this to check the system/monitor capability of grayscale, by doing this test with Jetson nano and HDMI monitor, we found that we can only view part of these squares, which means the low grayscale and high grayscale value cannot be viewed.
Is this limited by the grayscale display resolution/capability of Jetson Nano?


By default it is limited range rgb 24bpp. Which means only 16~235 color range will be showed.

Thanks Wayne,

Is there a possibility to extend this? As our product is highly depending on the image quality and it’s visualization.

please check if adding this to Xorg.conf will enable the full range or not.

Section “Screen”
Identifier “Default Screen”
Monitor “HDMI-0”
Option “ColorRange” “Full”