What is the maximum resolution supported on the Jetson

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I want to know the maximum resolution that the CSI receiver of the Jetson platform can receive. I know that the resolution supported by the Jetson ISP is 24MP, but the datasheet does not introduce the resolution limit of the CSI receiver or vi.
By the way, we tested 64mp (9248x6944), fetching data directly with v4l2 doesn’t work.

For Jetson Nano, ideally maximum width can be 6144, but verified resolution is standard 4K 3840x2160.

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So is there an ideal maximum width for other platforms?
Also, is this width a limitation of the CSI receiver or something else?

We have worked with our camera partners to enable 12000x9000 on AGX Xavier. For further information, you can check with our partners and see if there’s existing camera modules which can be used in your use-case.

Our partners are listed in

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