Maximum camera/ISP resolution on Xavier NX


I am currently looking into using a Sony imx586 sensor (48 MP RAW Bayer sensor, MIPI CSI-2) with nVidia Jetson. From the module datasheet it seems that Xavier NX’s integrated ISP has a limitation of 24MP.
I have also found some other reference that might indicate a maximum horizontal resolution of 6144 in some of the libraries.

Does it mean that in fact an 48MP RAW camera will be problematic and cannot be used?

Does the Jetson Nano have the same capabilities as Xavier NX in terms of resolution?

Thank you in advance,

hello Thomas_K,

please access NX module datasheet from download center.
you may check Chapter-1.5.3 for the details of ISP.

The imaging subsystem supports raw (Bayer) image sensors up to 24 million pixels

even though you’re able to enable sensor stream via v4l2 standard controls, it’s beyond ISP support capability.
you may also check Nano’s module datasheet and get the same limitation.

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Hello Jerry, I have similar question.
In other platforms we have 2 ISP I.e. we can handle only two Bayer sensors.
How many Bayer cameras we can handle Xavier NX?
I didn’t find this information in docs.


please check Nano and NX Camera Design Guide.
Jetson Xavier NX module supports 14 CSI lanes (12 can be used in a design), you can enable up-to six 2-lane sensors on NX platform.