Jetson Xavier NX Quad Bayer Sensor support


We are currently working with a camera sensor that delivers the following set of resolutions:


  • For the full resolution formats (6528x4896) it is not required to perform any kind of processing through the ISP, I would like to confirm:
    Is there is any limitation on the VI system capture to actually dequeue frames of this size using for example V4L2?

  • The sensor is reported to deliver Quad Bayer, I had found a previous post on the Jetson Nano reporting that Quad Bayer sensors are not supported by the ISP. Does this constraint still remain?


hello diego.chaverri,

this resolution format should works through VI,
we’ve validate the image resolution up-to 8000x6000, please also consider to boost VI clocks if necessary.

may I know…
what’s the pattern layouts of this quad bayer array?
which resolution you’re going to used for the ISP input?

please also refer to Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide.
see [Chapter 9. MIPI CSI Video Input] to have more details about Jetson Xavier NX capability.

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