Maximum CSI-MIPI camera resolution in v4l2 capture on Jetson AGX Xavier

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I have a C++ program based on v4l2.Its function is to capture the raw data of the csi camera through the v4l2 framework.I want to test the maximum camera resolution in our case. Currently the largest resolution we tested is 4028x5000. If greater than 4028x5000, there will be black lines on the left and right sides of the image.I guess it is the active region that exceeds the maximum interception.

So,I would like to ask about the hardware limitations of the agx xavier, what is the maximum camera resolution?

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Try the 4000x5000 the width align to 32.

Hi @ShaneCCC ,

The test environment is a device with adjustable resolution. The color format is BAYER BGGR RAW12. I want to test the maximum resolution that Xavier can support. At present, it can be up to 4028x5000 and won’t generating left and right black lines.

My question is does Xavier support higher resolutions? For example if I want to adjust the resolution to 8K (8192x8192) will it work? Can you tell me where the Xavier hardware max limit is?

For NVCSI/VI max support to 16382x16382, but ISP only support to 6144x6144


Hi @ShaneCCC ,

Our v4l2 program is to capture bayer raw data and save .raw file. No need to display through Xavier, so no need to go through ISP.
So the highest ideal camera solution should be 16382x16382 right? If yes, exclude the hardware limitation.

But, when I adjust the resolution higher than 4028x5000, black lines will appear on the left and right sides of the saved .raw file. What is the possible reason?
I have modified the possible device tree parameter,like below:
These parameters seem to be most relevant to the active region.Are there any other parameters that need to be modified?

Thanks for your reply.

4028 doesn’t 32 alignment. That could be the black lines on the left. Please adjust it to 32 alignment to verify.

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