Size limitation of camera MIPI Rx data

I have made camera sensor driver that payload size is 7936x20 on L4T 32.2.3 version. It operate in MIPI direct state(No SERDES).
When I used v4l2-ctl to stream on, the jetson couldn’t receive the sensor output data and generated some kernel errors. But when I applied the size of 640x480, there was no error and could dump the raw file.
So, what is the size limitation of camera MIPI Rx data?


if you’re going through ISP, the maximum supported line width is 6144.
according to Xavier datasheet, 64MP is supported by ISP. but we don’t have such 64MP sensor to validate and need to check if any limitation from hardware side.
please also check Topic 141659 for reference.

Thanks for your reply.

I have two more questions.

  1. when I use v4l2-ctl to dump raw data, does the input data go through ISP?
  2. Is there a height limitation to receiving sensor data? Because I input the height to 20, but the information in v4l2-ctl was 32 as fixed.


No, please also refer to Camera Architecture Stack, v4l2 application will bypass [Camera Core].

you may consider to add some dummy to meet v4l2 requirements.

Hi JerryChang,
I cannot find maximum width size. where can i find it?

Thx in advance.

hello semoking,

we don’t have documentation to describe the details of ISP,
just a FYI, you should note that the maximum supported line width is 6144.