Jetson nano Hello AI World no result on screen

Set Jetson Nano 4Gb by instrusction : Get Started With Jetson Nano Developer Kit
make docker by instrunction - Running the Docker Container


and make test ./detectnet images/peds_0.jpg images/test/peds_0.jpg

result frame appears on the screen without any result

Help, please!

Hi @vova.braga, which camera are you using? Are you able to run video-viewer/

If you can post the text from the terminal log, that would be helpful to see if anything abnormal is occurring with the camera stream.

camera Logitech USB

after reboot everything is working

and nvgstcapture-1.0 working.

but I tried again ./video-viewer /dev/video0 and have capture error :

another try was ok. Send terminal log ?

Hmm okay, seems like sometimes it is working, sometimes not. Please send the terminal logs of a time that it works, and the terminal log from a time that it doesn’t. Thank you.