Jetson AI Fundamentals S3E1

Is anyone experiencing camera issues preventing them from running root@nano:/jetson-inference# video-viewer /dev/video0

Im getting the following video-viewer: failed to capture video frame

even though i do have a recognized cam connected dev/video0 and utilizing Dustys github docker install

Hi @hossboss7, which camera are you using?

Can you post the terminal log of when you run that command? Thanks!

Hey, Dusty thanks for your help, seems to be a gstreamer issue. see photos

Regarding what camera I’m using I believe I’m using a ras cam v2 but not 100% certain bc the cam is inside of an enclosure along with the nano.

OK gotcha - the Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 is a MIPI CSI camera, so please try launching video-viewer like this:

$ video-viewer csi://0

If that doesn’t work, please post the output of this v4l2-ctl command:

$ sudo apt-get install v4l-utils
$ v4l2-ctl --device=/dev/video0 --list-formats-ext

Dusty thank you very much. Would there be a reason # detectnet /dev/video0 wouldn’t run or #detectnet csi://0 ? Also is there a way to flip the camera in 90 degree angles with the jetson utils? I know previously this was only possible with 180 degree angles or I needed to use opencv, is this still the case?

The Raspberry Pi Camera Module v2 should be used as csi://0, because through V4L2 that camera only supports raw 10-bit bayer mode, which neither I or GStreamer have the code to debayer 10-bit. Regardless, it is more efficient to use it through the csi://0 interface (which uses libargus) and the picture quality should be better as it includes ISP processing.

You should be able to use the --input-flip=clockwise (or --input-flip=counterclockwise) and run it as:

$ video-viewer --input-flip=clockwise csi://0

For more options to --input-flip argument, run the program with --help or see here:

--input-flip=FLIP      flip method to apply to input (excludes V4L2):
                             * none (default)
                             * counterclockwise
                             * rotate-180
                             * clockwise
                             * horizontal
                             * vertical
                             * upper-right-diagonal
                             * upper-left-diagonal

all set thank you sir. up and running!