Jetson nano IMX219 driver separate start

Hi guys,
probably somebody can help me to solve an issue with running the imx219 camera.
We use a customized carrier board for Jetson Nano, where an IMX219 camera is powered on “manually” by swithching its power via I2C controlled power supply.
Expectedly, the kernel does not find the camera during boot. Thus, we are looking for a way to run the driver manually (using insmod command?). But we could not find the imx219 driver module in the system (like imx219.ko).

  1. is the imx219 camera driver integrated into the JetPack kernel?
  2. can we run imx219 module/driver separately, after the complete system boot?

many thanks in advance,

You need to modify the CONFIG_VIDEO_IMX219=y to CONFIG_VIDEO_IMX219=m in …/kernel/kernel-4.9/arch/arm64/configs/tegra_defconfig

Have reference to below to build the kernel and module.