Jetson Nano no communication with I2C flowmeter

I am currently running into a comunication issue between my Jetson Nano and a flowmeter, in particular the Sensirion SDP800. The device does appear on any of the i2c buses. I tried the device already on a Raspberry Pi Pico and it shows its address. Any suggestion? Do I need pullup resistors? I am running out of ideas.


Are you using 40-pin header? The I2C is 3.3V, no need pull-up. Please refer to OEM Design Guide in DLC for more info of I2C design.

I tried also without, but it still does not work. I wonder if it is something specific of the flowmeter itself, as I can see on the bus other I2C devices…

It should be the flowmeter issue if you can see other device on this bus.