Jetson Nano Not Turning On

My Jetson Nano was working Well till the last night. When I turn on my Jetson Nano today, the green LED light is on for 1 second and gets off automatically. But if I do not insert the SD Card, then the LED is Continuously ON, I don’t know what happened Suddenly. I thought this is due to SD Card Corruption. So I formatted SD Card, I again flashed Jetpack 4.4 Image on to my 64GB SD Card. If I insert SD Card again the same thing.
Kindly help me to resolve this issue. Would be a great help.

Thanks in advance.

Sounds like a hardware issue.

Please also dump the serial console log for us to check.

What exactly is Serial Console?how to dump? for what it is used?
Btw my Jetson is not getting on after Inserting SD Card.

What exactly is Serial Console?how to dump? for what it is used?

Maybe you could read the link in my previous comment first.

@WayneWWW, I followed the same blog( to dump the serial console, I set up the minicom and TTL serial cable connections were perfect, but after Connecting to the power cable the green LED light on Nano is on for 1 second and gets off automatically(same thing).
I am attaching both video(link) and image below regarding the same.

Video link:


Is your Nano able to get into recovery mode and re-flash?

Hi @WayneWWW,
how to check whether it is getting into Recovery mode?

But, there is nothing on Minicom after I connect Power Cable to Nano like shown in this


You could follow the quick start guide on dlc to check how to enter recovery mode (RCM).

After entering RCM, plug the micro usb cable between host and device and type command “lsusb” on your ubuntu host. lsusb should give you “nvidia corp” on list.

If you cannot see it, then probably even recovery mode is dead. Since recovery mode is triggered by hardware, it indicates your board has defect.

Actually, in my opinion, your case already sounds like hardware defect issue. Just want to use recovery mode to make sure.

Thanks for your kind response @WayneWWW.

  1. Jumper the J48 power select pin first and plug the power jack
  2. Jumper the recovery pin
  3. Jumper the reset pin
  4. Remove the jumper of reset pin
  5. Remove the jumper of recovery pin.
    The above steps are correct to enter Jetson Nano into Recovery Mode? Do I need to follow the same?. I found these steps as the reply by you in the other Issue.

Btw can you please share the link of dlc to get the quick start guide?

Dear @WayneWWW,
It is quite difficult to get the steps to enter Jetson Nano into Recovery Mode from the above link. Can you please guide me on the exact steps to be carried out?
This debugging work is quite new for me.


This document is called quick start guide, so you could just use browser to search “quick start” in above link.

Does the Empty SD Card have to be inserted to put Jetson Nano into Force recovery mode?
Or we should insert SD Card which has an Image?


Both cases should work. But you have to know anything on your sdcard would be erased and then install new package.

I find that many forum users only work on sdcard image. But actually, jetson platforms have been using “” to install driver package for long time. This is a more reliable way when we want to debug. Please learn it. Thanks for your patience.

Hi @WayneWWW,

I had successfully put the Jetson into force recovery mode.
Steps I used:

  1. I had connected the DC power adapter to J25.
  2. Jumpered the recovery pin.
  3. Jumpered the J48 pin.
  4. Connected device to host through Micro USB.
    After these connections, I typed “lsusb” in my ubuntu host, I can see “NVidia Corp”.

@WayneWWW What are the next steps I need to follow?
Would be a great help from your side.


Have you ever downloaded sdkmanager yet?

Hi @WayneWWW,
Thanks for your kind response.

I have not downloaded SDKManager Earlier.
Can you please guide me with the next steps?

Thank you

You can go here to find the different JetPack/SDKM releases:
(log in, then click the link again)

There is a document to teach you how to use sdkmanager. Please refer to it first.