Jetson Nano Orin 8gb Developers Kit Booting into Shell

Hello All,
Im a newby to the Jetson Orin Nano, I followed the instructions to get it up and running which initially worked, I started bringing in torch, opencv, and a few other programs, unfortunately a file got corrupted and the Orin crashed. After rebooting the unit it got to the Nvidia splash screen and then freeze…nothing. After a while I decided to wipe the SD card to start again fresh. I erased the SD card, reimaged and attempted to start again…it looked promising…however it now boots into Shell and not into the Ubuntu initial setup screen? Any suggestions?

Massive thank you in advance for your support its much appreciated :)

Moving this to the correct forum for visibility.


any serial console log to provide?

Please always try re-flashing with SDK Manager first;
re-flashing only the SD card sometimes doesn’t fix booting issues.

Thanks Tom👍

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