Jetson Nano Raspberry pi v2 CSI camera noise problem

Hi folks,

I have a Jetson Nano B01 Developer Kit. I have some works related to stereo vision. I capture two images by using tegra_multimedia_api/13_multi_camera. But high resolution images(1920x1440 or 3264x2464) have a lot of noise in Jetson Developer Kit(Argus&EGLStream library pipeline). But I get more less noise when I use Raspberry pi Kit(PiCamera library pipeline).

Argus&EGLStream pipeline ;


Picamera pipeline ;

Above section of the images were cut images that have 1920x1440 resolution.

What is the reason?

How can i fix it ?

Thanks in advance.

Try enable the noise reduction. You can try the argus_camera, there’s a configure on the UI to enable it.

I tested denoise with /argus/sample/denoise sample but I can not see any differences.


I changed the CSI cables I used. Even so I got same result.

Is it imx219 module?

Yes, it is.

OK, I think that could need image tuning for that. And sorry current only public the tuning to the partner.

I did not understand what you said. Would you write a bit clearly?

This module may need image quality tuning process. And you may need contact with camera partner to do it.