RPi Camera v2 extremely noisy

New to Jetson Nano, running the latest flash image.
I am following Paul McWhorter’s excellent youtube course, but run into a problem with the RPi Camera v2 where the image is extremely noisy. (Did try a second camera to see if the camera is at fault, but same result.)

Below code gives me this error:

[ WARN:0] global /home/nvidia/host/build_opencv/nv_opencv/modules/videoio/src/cap_gstreamer.cpp (933) open OpenCV | GStreamer warning: Cannot query video position: status=0, value=-1, duration=-1

The camera also doesn’t show up in the Cheese app.

EDIT: Just noticed on the camera board it is a v2.1. Perhaps that is related to the problem?

Any ideas?

This is the code I use:

import cv2
camSet='nvarguscamerasrc ! video/x-raw(memory:NVMM), width=3264, height=2464, format=NV12, framerate=21/1 ! nvvidconv flip-method='+str(flip)+' ! video/x-raw, width='+str(dispW)+', height='+str(dispH)+', format=BGRx ! videoconvert ! video/x-raw, format=BGR ! appsink'
while True:
    ret, frame=cam.read()
    if cv2.waitKey(1)==ord('q'):

What do you mean noisy?

Below link already verified on Nano with Pi camera.


I’ve just found what the problem was. A combination of factors threw me off here. The RPi Cam doesn’t seem very light sensitive and I used a very old IBM VGA monitor connected by means of a HDMI-VGA adapter. Due to the limited resolution and color depth, it brought out the noise really ‘well’.
I still don’t know why the Cheese app doesn’t detect the camera as it is available at /dev/video0
Thanks for your code, will check it out as well.

Cheese only support USB camera. RPi v2 is CSI interface camera definitely not working for cheese.