Jetson nano with ip camera

Hi,I am trying to get Jetson Nano working with an IP Camera but the streaming is very late it’s not on real time .
I’m using this command to open the camera :
video-viewer rtsp://username:password@IPadress:554

Please run this command and check if you can see video preview:

gst-launch-1.0 uridecodebin uri="rtsp://username:password@IPadress:554" ! nvoverlaysink

I can’t see anything.

If the URI is valid, you should see video preview on TV. So the video preview does not pop up and cover the whole screen? Any error is shown in the log?

I’m using the camera for object detection i see the scene but the video is late.

Hi @ihebest90, can you try running video-viewer with --input-rtsp-latency=0 option?

video-viewer --input-rtsp-latency=0 rtsp://username:password@IPadress:554

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