Jetson - Newtek NDI

Hi everybody,

I’m working on interactive audio-visual installations.
For that we need to use a lot of displays, scatterd iver the whole place.

Our solution for this is NDI, an network protocol to send HD video over ip to plenty of devices.

Currently we are using RPI4 to turn ndi back to hdmi.

I was wondering if there would be any software tool for Nvidia jetson.

Thx in advance.


I am not sure about your usecase. What does RPI4 do to turn this NDI video?
It sounds like a high level protocol which should be compatible with same OS as your ubuntu.


Newtek doens’t deliver a software for tis application.
They do provide the SDK

Some guys made based on this sdk a simple tool to decode ndi to hdmi.

Since newtek is planning to provide 4k video transmission. I would love to see this on a more powerfull single board computer like the jetson.

NDI is the future for video transmission by network, IP.
Definitely in the entertainment sector.

On this moment only hardware like this :
Is stable enough to be usee on professional base.

Hope you understand what i’m trying to say.


Ok. I got what you want to try here.

But since I am not familiar with NDI, let me share some points here

  1. We don’t have any NDI supported case on jetson in either hardware or software. This seems quite new.

  2. However, if NDI SDK can work on ARM-based ubuntu device, then you can try to install them on jetson and see if it can work.

  3. To me, no matter what kind of protocol it is using, network data is not going to directly being decoded and rendered on a monitor (HDMI). If NDI says they can do that, it means their SDK provides some API to deal with that. Maybe their implementation is also based on some well-known ubuntu framework like DRM. We don’t know about that. That is why I said what you are talking about is “high-level protocol”. Most of other users here are dealing with openCV/ multimedia samples which still write their own data to a buffer, encoder and then send out to the destination.