Jetson NX CSI Camera latency is high

Hi Guys,

In one of my projects, I have a requirement to connect 6 cameras to my Jetson Xavier Nx board. I am able to stream all 6 cameras simultaneously and I am getting around 200-300ms latency.

CSI (2)- IMX219-120 @ 640x360 Resolutions (30fps)
USB (4)- Logitech @ 360x240 Resolution

I want the latency to be around 50-70ms. How can I reduce that ? Is there any way to configure it?

Have boost the system to performance to try.
sudo nvpmodel -m 2
sudo jetson_clocks

Hi Shane,
I already tried that. Still getting same latency.

What’s the latency of single camera case?
What can make sure it’s about 4~5 frames delay for single camera.

Even for single camera, its around ~ 180-200ms.

How do you test. Below is our test.

I tested in the same way. I am getting the same latency. nothing reduced. Is there any other way?

Could you check the end to end test result for the J4.4 or J4.4.1

I have only J4.4 version. Jetpack version also effects latency?