The latency for video process

We have test CSI camera and USB camera +our inference module, found the CSI camera latency very high vs USB camera (500ms vs 150 ms), and will have more CPU occupy. we want to know the root cause or any solution for this,
log as below:
csi.log (70.3 KB)
csi+d(1).log (5.2 KB)
usb.log (21.8 KB)
usb+d(1).log (6.2 KB)

hello rico.deng1,

those attachments were processor usage results capture by tegrastats.
may I know how you evaluate the latency, please share your steps in details.
also, which camera module you’re using, which Jetpack release, and… what’s the real use-case.

Hi Jerry:

     has solved this issue, thank for your help

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