Jetson Orin: I2C 7 for Type C with i2cdetect don't find i2c device

My board design that orin controls the output height of the SRC pin of PD FUSB308B through IIC7 (address 0X50). Turn on the load switch and FP2123 outputs a voltage of 5V/1A, and then supplies power to external devices through Type-C.


Add IIC 7 to the device tree,I can’t find dev addr with i2cdetect -r- y 6 .

My device tree like this:

I check the power is ok with the device fusb308. Is there a problem with the device tree I modified?

Could you confirm with others i2c bus?

I don’t understand what you mean?How do I check this issue?

Hi ShaneCCC,
Is the pin DP0_AUX reuse ?IF DP0_AUX default is display , how do I change DP0_AUX default display function to I2C mode through the device tree?
Looking forward to your reply!

What’s the BSP version.

It’s L4T 34.1.1