Jetson Orin nano not booting after CSI reconfiguration


we’re trying to get our IMX-219 camera to work on Jetson Orin nano with firmware version 36.2.
After configuring the CSI to dual IMX219 using the script, we’re receicing cyclic reboots with the error message “ext4Linux device error”, the boot chain shows as “unbootable”. Changing this back to “normal” results in “unbootable” again after three cyclic failed reboot attempts.
Have you got any suggestions how to solve this?

Kind regards,

hello hanno.homann,

may I also know where did you boot from? for instance, is it booting via USB?
if yes, please also check the DTBO file size, to check whether it’s over 12K bytes.

Hello Jerry,
Thanks for your prompt reply. We’re booting from SD-card. The file
has 15955 bytes. Any other hints?

hello hanno.homann,

could you please check the booting messages,
is it reported such failure… L4TLauncher: Unable to boot via extlinux: Device Error ?

if yes, please give it a try by reducing the file size with removing some mode definitions in dts file.
you may disassembler the dtb file into text file for modification, $ dtc -I dtb -O dts -o temp.dts tegra234-xxx.dtb
after that, you should be able to convert the DTS into a new DTB file, $ dtc -I dts -O dtb -o new-output.dtb temp.dts

yes, that’s the error message that we get. We’ve removed 4 (out of 5) modes from the dts/dtb, resulting in a size of 9kB but the reboot issue remained. We also tried some other, smaller dtbo files with the same effect.

I’ve attached the boot logs (of the 3rd failing boot and the subsequent recovery boot) here. Does that give any hints?
logFile.txt (71.5 KB)

BTW, how you install JP-6DP release image? did you install it with

We’ve tried both: SDK manager as well as the zipped image from the NVidia site.
The log above is from the zipped image (which contains the IMX219-cam1 as seen in the log), but the issue persists for both installation methods with no relevant difference in the logs.
Actually if we disable the camera device-tree overlay, the system boots up normally :-/

And by the way, we don’t have a camera connected to exclude that source of errors.

hello hanno.homann,

just for double confirmation,
did you have dual IMX219 camera connected (before power-up) with such DTB overlay applied? i.e. tegra234-p3767-camera-p3768-imx219-dual.dtbo

We tried with and without cameras connected. The error message is the same (and we wouldn’t expect any effect here as just the device tree is defined but the camera not actually used at this early boot stage!).
Also we tried the IMX477 dtbo but receive the same error message ( L4TLauncher: Unable to boot via extlinux: Device Error).

we’ve confirmed IMX219 is working on Orin-Nano + JP-6.0 DP. please refer to Topic 285750.

If I read Topic 285750 correctly, they’re having the same issue as we do. IMX-219 not working with Orin Nano + JP-6.0 DP.

We reverted to JP 5.1.3 and the camera is detected normally.

hello hanno.homann,

that reference topic means we’ve tested and verified locally.
anyways, JetPack 6.0 DP it’s a Developer Preview version, we’ll have a production quality release soon (in Apr/2024). please moving forward for verification when next JP-6 public release is available.