Jetson orin nano warranty

Hi everyone,

I am a mechatronic engineer, and for one of our customers, we are designing a product that will include a Jetson Orin Nano module for AI vision.

Our customer has developed software that works as intended for his application on the DevKit. The client now wants to mass-produce his system.

We have three options:

*Option 1: Use the DevKit and void the warranty, as DevKits are not intended for industrial applications.

*Option 2: Use a carrier board designed by one of your trusted partners, such as Forecr.

*Option 3: Develop our own carrier board according to your design guidelines that will suit our needs.

My question is about option 3. What happens if a module fails when used with our own carrier board? Will we be able to have the warranty applied? Is there a certification process that can be done in the pre-production phase to prove that our carrier board meets Nvidia’s requirements?

Many thanks in advance.

We don’t have the certification process, you need to be responsible for your product. The Jetson module warranty is 3 years.
You can refer to Jetson FAQ | NVIDIA Developer


Thanks for your reply, do we have to prove that are carrier board is not responsible for the damages that occued on the module ?