Nvidia Jetson Orin production device vs Nividia Jetson Orin Developer Kit

Dear Nvidia Developer,
I am using the Nvidia Jetson Orin Developer Kit to run the deep learning model (I developed) during the development phase in the production environment.

Now we want to switch to the Nvidia Jetson Orin 64GB production device to run the deep learning model for images in the production environment. What configuration do I need to do with the Nivida Jetson Orin 64GB production device?
1). Can I install the same SSD card (2TB) I have put in the Nvidia Jetson Orin developer kit into the Nvidia Jetson Orin 64GB?
2). Does Nvidia Jetson Orin come with the installed operating system or do I have to install it myself?
3). What else do I need to do to get the same level of operating system environment as the Nivida Orin developer kit?

Looking forward to your answer as soon as possible.
thank you

What the production device is? with custom carrier board or just the module?
In general, you should take the same steps as you start using the devkit, there is no pre-loaded SW at the new module, you need to do the SW reflash, the original SSD card can’t work with new module directly.

Thank you for your response. The production service is Nivida Jetson Orin 64GB commercial version.
I am not sure it is with the custom carrier board or just the module. Do you know it includes the custom carrier board?

Do you know if the production device has a slot I can install a new SSD card?

The devkit is combined by a AGX Orin module + carrier board, so it’s no problem for another Orin commercial module to adopt on the devkit carrier board to work, just be sure to flash with new SW.

Sorry. I don’t understand your message. My question is:
if I buy the Nvidia Orin commercial module, what work is needed to deploy this commercial model to the production line?

If I just install the devkit (AGX orin module + carrier board) to the production line (computer room - nice environment like the office and no vibration), would it be a big problem?

You should use your custom carrier board + commercial module as end product.
The devkit carrier board is only for development purpose, the warranty is only one year, not suitable as end product.

Please do more study on Flashing Support — NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide 1 documentation

sorry to keep asking the question. Where to get the custom carrier board?

The custom carrier board can be designed by yourself or designed by 3rd party.

Can I buy the same carrier board I used in the nvidia jetson orin developer kits and put into the nvidia jetosn orin commercial model.

Where can I buy just the caeerir board used in the nvidia jetson orin developer kits?