Carrier board compatible with orin AGX devkit module

folks who had AGX Orin nvidia devkit that got the carrier board broken but the module intact are asking if the nvidia devkit orin agx module will be compatible with third party carrier boards. if so could you point out any particular? Otherwise which options do they have to substitute the NV devkit carrier board that got broken or re-use the module with carrier boards from third party manufactures given the module is not broken?

please check the vendor list.

@WayneWWW thank you for your prompt reply
However could you be more specific please?
From the partner list any carrier boards that mention orin agx module will be compatible with the devkit agx orin module? because I already checked thew list the description, however doesn’t seem that they differentiate industrial versus devkit orin modules. so it is not clear if a certain carrier board for orin will support only industrial modules or both devkit and production modules

will these from the list be compatible with agx devkit module?

or they are not compatible with the devkit orin module from nvidia devkit?
Could you clarify, please?

If you just want a specific answer, I would suggest you to buy another NV devkit.

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