Jetson orin nano,What is the mipi interface of the camera?

hello Jetson:
From this<Jetson_Orin_Nano_DevKit_Carrier_Board_Specification_SP-11324-001_v1.0>file,I understand that camera 0 is “J20: CSI 1 x2 lane”,and J21: CSI 1 x2 lane or 1 x4 lane.But someone told me that camera 0 and 1,all of them is CSI 1 x2 lane or 1 x4 lane.
So, I want you to confirm.Thanks.
Also, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival

Could you help to confirm it.


x4 camera support in current software only works with the lower clock lane of the x4 clock interface.
This means that CSI0_CLK or CSI2_CLK are supported for x4 configurations, but not CSI1_CLK or CSI3_CLK.
Since J20 has CSI1_CLK, only a x2 camera interface is supported.
J21 which uses CSI2_CLK can support both x2 or x4 camera interfaces.

thanks bro,I understand.

and one more question,Why is this file <Jetson_Orin_Nano_DevKit_Carrier_Board_Specification_SP-11324-001_v1.0> ,on page 23,about J20 CLK is “CSI 0 Clock”,
As shown in the figure:

bro,I read it wrong?Or did I misunderstand.or…

It’s a typo. Will be corrected to “CSI1 Clock”, thanks.

I have a question about jetson orin nano dev kit.
If I use a docking station to connect to USB Type-C,does it support keyboard, mouse, Ethernet, and DP?
I have verified that the USB A docking station supports keyboard, mouse, and Ethernet, but it does not support DP. I don’t know if Type C is the same?

No, DP is not supported on Type C port.

Do you mean that Orin Nano’s C-type does not support video transmission protocols such as HDMI, DP, or VGA?
DP interface must be used to connect the display?

Yes, DP connector is necessary. No DP function on Orin nano type-c port.

hi Trumany
About orin nano devkit camera CAM1_ PWDN voltage issue.
this file <Jetson_Orin_Nano_DevKit_Carrier_Board_Specification_SP-11324-001_v1.0。pdf>,Camera #0/1 Connector Pin Description – J20/21, CAM1_PWDN Camera is “Output, 1.8V”.

But,this file <P3768_A04_Concept_schematics.pdf>,Describing 3.3v

To my knowledge, this U58 SN74LV1T125 chip has not undergone level conversion.
If I’m wrong, thank you for your guidance.

The most important point,Is the output based on 1.8V or 3.3V when I do it?

It is output from module pin, 1.8V is the module pin level. The voltage level to camera connector pin is 3.3V after buffer.

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