J21 Pin Configuration

Hello nvidia Team,

I have just ordered today the 945-13766-0005-000 Development Kit Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit.
I’m new to the nvidia environment system, but I already like it. The information database is really big. For me as an engineer its like someone opened the door to charlies chocolate factory.

I want to use the board to gain images from 2 cameas.
IMX283 and IMX335

I have already seen, that the Developer Board Connector J21 supports the 4 lane datatransmission, because of the clock.

I need to create an flexband cable, which will suit my camera pinout and the J21 pinout, so that i can connect my cameras to the adapter board.

both cam schematics are showing following naming conventions for the datalanes:

But the J21 connector has the pinout :

So how do i know what the order of connection needs to be?
MIPI_D0 ->? CSI 3/2 DATA 0/1?
MIPI_D1-> ? CSI 3/2 DATA 0/1?
MIPI_D2 ->? CSI 3/2 DATA 0/1?
MIPI_D3-> ? CSI 3/2 DATA 0/1?

I have already seen, that the csi pinout is changeable via the pin configurator.

Do I need to reconfigure the pins for my application and if so, is there a good description how to do that?

I also have read that I need to create an device tree for the cameras? Is this still needed for those two cams, because I have found them at the supported cameras?
If it is still necessary, how can I do that? Is there a good description to it?

Thank you a lot for answering my questions!


hello darko.kulic,

you may start with Jetson Orin NX Series and Orin Nano Series Design Guide to check [Figure 10-2. CSI 4-Lane Connection Options].
FYI, please also note that p3768 can work with 4-lane camera only on Cam0 slot.
because it’s CSI-C (cam0) and CSI-B (cam1), it’s currently not support CSI-B with 4-lane configuraiton.

you may refer to developer guide for driver implementation, Sensor Software Driver Programming.

Sorry if I bother you again. But that is exactly the diagramm i was already lookiing at.

The Pinout Naming is showing csi0 with d0 and d1 and csi1 with d0 and d1. Thats the same naming as in Table 3-2 Camera#1 Connector Pin Description - J21
So to break it down exactly,
I have MIPI_D0_N → to which of the Pins I need to connect it → Is it CSI2_D0_N or CSI3_DO_N?
Same for the other Pins? Where is my start pin 0 for the data lanes? Do I start with CAM2 D0 and counting upwards the Datalanes or do I start with CAM3D1 counting downwards ?
Thank you very much.

Hi, you should refer to the J21 schematic for your camera pin mapping. CSI2_D0 is MIPI_D0 in general.

Where is this Schematic from? Do you have any reference?

You can find the P3768_A04 schematic and other docs in DLC.

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