Jetson TK1 mouse cursor problem

I installed L4T Rel 19.2 and the CUDA 6.0 Toolkit on the TK1.
After the board wakes up from “standby” (screen was disabled), the mouse cursor disappeared.
While moving the mouse, a scattered line is drawn on the screen. Removing the
mouse from and replugging it to the usb port (via an usb hub) doesnt resolve the problem.
I had to reboot to get the mouse back.

Does anybody has an solution for this problem?


Does that happen every time the board wakes up from standby? And what exactly do you mean by “standby”?

I’ve got the same problem.
I’ve added ‘xset -dpms’ and ‘xset s off’ to my .xinitrc.
You can use xscreensaver if you prefer.

The bug appear when resuming from a dpms state (standby, suspend or off).

I have the same problem, requires a reboot to get the mouse cursor back working.

Is the only short term solution to use a screensaver and keep the board from going to sleep?

I’m currently turning off the monitor when I’m not using the board and changing the settings to not let the system go to sleep.

What I would do is unplug the HDMI cable from the monitor side and wait 3 seconds to plug it back in. The issue occurred again and I did the same step and brings the mouse back.

Thank you cj7.

I just turned off the screensaver and disable the power-saver features. A time or two since then it has disappeared, mostly from leaving it on overnight with the monitor powered off.

This cursor issue should be fixed on the next release.