sometimes mouse or keyboard does not respond.

I installed Jetpack on TX1. I didnot see a problem. I connected monitor. I wrote pasword. I saw ubuntu 14.04.

However now, sometime mouse or keyboard does not respond.

Do you have any idea?

The best thing to do is use a serial console to see what is going on when this happens (serial console is immune to video and networking issues…even text based console is less reliable than serial console). You could then see dmesg output. See:

May this problem usb auto-suspend? Openinig my computer, they are working. Later they are suspend.

Mouse or keyboard can have issues from auto-suspend. If you want to disable auto-suspend, try this:

sudo update-rc.d -f ondemand remove

…you could then set a particular mode (such as performance) and Jetson should remain in that mode. Different modes are listed here (there are some differences between JTK1 and JTX1, but most is the same):

Due to mouse or keyboard freezing,
I installted 32 bit in jetpack’ 64bit_2.2.1.
Now, mouse or keyboard responded. Morover finally I installed caffe.

I run examples and I see some result also. But jetson tx1 power off after a little time.


Jetson may go to a power saving mode, but it shouldn’t actually power off. Do the LED indicators show it powered off, or is the issue something like video blanking?

Yes, leds are on. Even jetson reopen when I touch keyboard or I wait. When it open, In new session, I see that terminal has closed and I cant see my previous results of caffe.

Sometimes, monitor is opened but it have bad ubuntu image at the beginnig and later display freezes.

It sounds like X11 may have crashed, or the desktop manager. After a crash, you may want to look at the “/var/log/Xorg.0.log” and see if the crash is noted or has clues. I’m thinking you may have access via ssh even if the GUI is down. Serial console should work as well, see:

If you have to reboot you may find clues in either the current Xorg.0.log or in the Xorg.0.log.old. If you have ssh access you should be able to scp the file to copy it to another computer.