Jetson TX1 hangs and does not respond


Sometimes the Jetson TX1 hangs, does not respond and needs to be plugged off and then restarted. Especially when a camera is connected to USB 3.0. If anyone has faced similar issues and resolved those please reply.

Thanks in advance.


If you have a serial console, does this fail too? Or can you ping the Jetson from another machine? You might want to start a ping and then see if it fails at the moment of crash.

If the problem is recoverable, you might be able to use sysrq features to get in or reboot without the reset button. See:

The gist is that if you hold down the alt and sysrq keys (usually this is the “PrtScrn” near scroll lock), you can then tap another key for various functions. To reboot cleanly…assuming the system is still working and just graphics have failed:


One other use which might provide better data (assuming sysrq functions) would be to force the kernel to provide an OOPS report to show what it was doing at the time of failure and call sync before doing anything else:


NOTE: On solid state flash you don’t normally want to force a lot of sync calls, but if you know something is about to happen which might cause data loss, then sync (alt-sysrq-s) should be called first.

there is an issue with the serial console that is also reported with the tk1 where if connected to tx1 but not a console machine it locks up with a black screen. i’ve experienced it and read in one of the wiki’s that it is an issue.

I’m unsure of the description…which machine goes black…Jetson? And which part of the connection is there and which part is not connected?

ok, sorry. i was talking about this page,

where this is posted,

I did notice that on this installation if the serial cable is hooked up to the Jetson but is not plugged into the PC, then the display connected to the Jetson remains dark. I could not tell if the machine booted or not. Connecting the cable to the PC, or removing the cable from the Jetson solved that issue."

i have noticed this on tk1 & tx1

Yes, if any signal gets seen on the UART RX during initial boot, it thinks you wanted to interrupt the boot loader and interact. In that case it’ll wait indefinitely and never boot beyond boot loader selection. I suspect that the wiring of the particular USB serial UART changes things, some may use different pull-up/pull-down resistors, and not “float” without power applied…like holding a key down. I’m not sure if there is any definition of how serial interfaces should behave when one half is unpowered.

Another thing about the serial console: a BREAK has the same effect as the SysReq on the keyboard. How you send the break depends on your terminal emulator. In kermit, it’s control-backslash B.


If it’s a hard lock-up after sustained USB3 streaming / video processing, might be worth trying to max out the fan:

echo 255 > /sys/kernel/debug/tegra_fan/target_pwm

or running this script before launching your application: