Jetson TX2 Fan - 24/7 running?

Dear folk,

iam having a question. I plan to let the jetson tx2 board run 24/7 for deep learning applications in production environment. The question is, to prevent overheating i let the fan run 24/7 too. Does the build on fan can withstand that livecycle or do i need an other fan for that?

thanks for your answers. tobi

Hi, the devkit is only for development not for production. You need to design the corresponding carrier board, thermal solution and etc. for your use case.

Dear Trumany,
thanks for your supply. In general spoken, is the jetson onboard fan able to run 24/7? For example if the board is 24/7 running - in development environment.
Thanks, tobi

Dev kit is not supposed to be used for production, so is the fan on it. Also you can check with vendor for deeper info.