Any experiences with 24/7 operation

Hello, has anyone here experience with running the Jetson Board operating 24/7 under heavy load? How reliable is the board under continuous operation?

Can only say that I had the big heatsink removed, only the plate was there (our application requires it) and the board was stable running at 1CPU core full load + FULLHD x265 compression at 74 degrees Celsius, measured on the plate. It was running for about an hour.

When my desktop system died a while back (motherboard had to be ordered) I used the JTX1 for a desktop (this was L4T R23.1). Mostly it was reliable, but there were a number of cases where web browsing (usually involving flash) caused system lock (sometimes with sysrq responsive, sometimes not). Since my desktop was down I had no way to watch the serial port to see what was going on. Other than the web browser issue, everything else seemed stable. I do not know if R23.2 changes anything.

Any user that plans 24x7 use of the Jetson TX1 should use L4T 23.2 at minimum.

As noted in the “What’s New” section of the L4T 23.2 release notes (, changes were made to the CPU frequency in our most recent release of L4T to support 24x7 use for the operating life of the Jetson TX1 module.