Running jetson nano 24x7


has anybody tried running jetson nano 24x7? is the hardware capable of it to run? maybe run cron jobs every hour to gather data?

is it build to do that or this board is only for testing purposes?

My Jetson Nano DevKit has a current uptime of 8 days 18 hours, but it is idling most of the time though (average power consumption ~1.5W). As long as you have a stable power supply an proper cooling, e.g. by a PWM-controlled fan, you should be fine running 24/7.

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Thank you!

Hi, can I use it for 24/7 and 365 days without any power interruption?

Section 5.3 / p. 33 of the Jetson Nano Module Datasheet gives you some numbers.

Current uptime of my Nano Dev Ki: 41 days (still most of the time idling).

Okay, thanks for the info, so I am using it for the Surveillance system and probably it should be running for 365 days 24/7 and how can I achieve this vision? Please do suggest is there a any automation where I can power on my system and run automatically some python programs even without the manual intervention?

Yes, but this is more a general Linux question, you will find many answers and options how to achieve this when searching the internet.

Okay thank you.