Jetson Tx2 install via Kali

Hi folks, I just got a TX2 and wanting to flash/upload the software. Do any of you know if I can install it from a Kali installation? The TX2 can stay Ubuntu… thats no problem. I just have a laptop at work for Pen Testing that would be nice If I could install from.

Peter J. Fischel

JetPack won’t run from anything but Ubuntu (preferably 14.04, though 16.04 mostly works). You can command line flash from Kali, but it enables 64-bit ext4 extensions which are incompatible with U-Boot. You would need to modify (a very simple single line modification), or else modify “/etc/mke2fs.conf” on the Kali host. Note that more and more distributions are turning on ext4 64-bit options by default, so this is going to show up for more people over time. It isn’t a “Kali thing”.

If you look at “/etc/mke2fs.conf” and see this in the ext4 section it means the default from mkfs.ext4 will use 64-bit extensions you don’t want:


Option 1 (best option), fix to never use those extensions. Around line 502 is this:

mkfs -t $4 "${loop_dev}" > /dev/null 2>&1;

…edit this to instead have:

mkfs -t $4 <b>-O ^metadata_csum,^64bit</b> "${loop_dev}" > /dev/null 2>&1;

Option 2, change your host’s “/etc/mke2fs.conf” to remove metadata_csum and 64bit from new ext4 mkfs operations.

NOTE: Command line flash implies use of the driver package and sample rootfs and does not set up networking on the host, nor does it install any extra packages…it’s just flash.

Wow! Thank you for that very helpful response! It is interesting cause I do have a 14.04 Ubuntu around here but was thinking I would have to reinstall for 16.04. This changes everything.

Peter Fischel