I saw two topics on this forum about writing mac address for Jetson Tx2:
On this (Tx2 MAC address question) it says that I can’t change the factory mac address for the device.
But on this topic (How to configure vendor-specified MAC address) it says I can!
So, my questions is:
The factory mac address is valid?
Can I use it on a comercial device?

Thank you!

You don’t need to refer to any post that > 2 years old. Those are not valuable anymore.

You can change the mac address. Just make sure you update the last CRC checksum bit of your eeprom. Otherwise the board may not be able to flash again.

Hi Wayne, thanks for the anwser, but and what about the mac addres that comes with the TX2 device? can I use it in my own final product? I’ve just consulted the mac address from the device I have now on and it says that this mac belong to Nvidia

If you are worried about this, then you can also define your own one. There is field for vendor specific mac addr.

Thanks Wayne for you answer, but just to clarify one last thing:

In case I do not want to change the original MAC address, can I use it in my final product without any restrictions?

Usually customer apply theirs to update on product, that’s for end device to recognization purpose.

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