Jetson TX2 module Life-cycle

We are planning to use the Jetson TX2 module on our own carrier board in a large scale production project, and I would like to know the expected availability of the TX2 module by Nvidia.

I have read this page:

What does the availability thorough January 2025 in the case of Jetson TX2 mean?
That till December 2024, I can buy the Jetson TX2 module, but it still has full support for another 5 years and a year guarantee from the date of purchase? (The broken module will be replaced for a new Jetson TX2 module)

Or if I buy the Jetson TX2 module in December 2024, I take the risk that it will be replaced with a new version of the Jetson TX module, and the old version will not have support?

Thank you very much for your answer.

It means Jetson TX2 modules will remain available for purchase through that date. The operating lifetime for Jetson TX2 is 5 years, so for the example case you gave, modules purchased in December 2024 should still be operating in December 2029.

We typically hold inventory at time of EOL for RMA replacement purposes through the duration of the warranty period. The warranty period for Jetson TX2 is 1 year, so I would expect RMA replacements to be available (if needed) until Jan 2026.