Get the TX1 chip only & datasheet

For development/prototyping everything looks ok, but for production i would need the bare chip and of course its datasheet.
But there seems to be no information about that.

If this gets to difficult, the supply of the chip might quickly cease, a traditional fpga is my way to go for designing our industrial product.

How does nvidia handle this?

Hello rayhofmann, thank you for your inquiry, I believe that our current solution is module-only for TX1 but I am checking further into this.

Confirmed, our most minimal configuration is a TX1 module at this time. If your product does not require the added performance, a Tegra K1 chip may be used instead.

Is there any information about the longevity of the Jetson TX1 and TX2 ?

This may be of interest:


So 5 years is the life cycle of the Jetson TX2

Assuming 1-2 years of product development, it leaves 3 years in market before end of life, and hope that there is a new generation which has some migration to it …

sure this one suits a medical / industrial / autonomous markets ?